UNESCO World Heritage, Grand Site (Major site of Occitanie), emblematic of the Pyrenees National Park...
Simply mythical.

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Extraordinary landscapes

Imagine a glacial cirque at a height of 3,000 meters, at its heart one of the highest waterfalls in Europe (427 meters): you have Gavarnie Cirque!

Its two neighbours the Troumouse and Estaubé cirques and the legendary Brèche de Roland are speechless when faced with so much beauty and such fantastic dimensions!

A hikers’ paradise
Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site for both its natural and cultural landscapes, these cirques are a paradise for hikers, where everyone can experience the power of nature, from a simple hike to high mountain climbs - always with the same goal: to drink up the view!

In the heart of the Pyrenees National Park, you can admire a surprising diversity of fauna and flora, and magnificent mountain landscapes. UNESCO World Heritage site, and a major site of Occitanie, the emblem of the Pyrenees National Park ... The Land of Cirques is simply mythical!

Pyrénées Mont-Perdu

An immersive 3D app, allows you to discover the treasures of the region Patrimoine Mondial Pyrénées Mont Perdu – Pirineos Monte Perdido.

You can find the Geonarque geology descriptive document, the car, MTB, and walk itineraries across Sobrarbe and Gavarnie-Gèdre.

This embedded hiking guide and its interactive map (really easy to use), are availables on AppStore and Google Play (you can use them off line)..

This project is financed by the European Fund of Regional Development (FEDER). Intererg - POCTEFA - PMPPMP2 Pyrénées - Mont Perdu - Patrimoine Mondial Pirineos - Monte Perdido - Patrimonio Mundial

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