Explore the hidden side of the valleys

For who ?

For the whole family, from 6 years old onwards. 

When ?

All year round.

Infos, prices and reservation

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The Pyrenees from below

If our valleys abound with treasures on the surface, it is above all because they rest on extraordinary and solid foundations that allow them to welcome you all year round. True pillar of our mountains, the underworld does not need light to shine, far from it, its greatest beauty lies in the darkness. In fact, exploring these underground galleries is like embarking on a journey to discover a new world in the bowels of the Earth.   

A timeless world

No matter the season or the climate, in this hidden part of the valleys the sun or the rain no longer sets the rhythm of our days. Time is as if frozen. At any moment you can visit this rich heritage: its halls, stalactites, concretions and underground rivers. In addition to the incredible new discoveries that your eyes will encounter during your visit, thanks to the instructors you will learn more about the history of the Earth and the mechanics of the intraterrestrial environment. This activity, which is accessible from the age of 6, is a solid value for spending a special and enriching moment. 

The Pibeste-Aoulhet Massif

Between Lourdes and St Pé de Bigorre, almost 1500 caves have already been explored to this day. The Pibeste-Aoulhet natural reserve is rich in lesser-known treasures. After an abseiling descent, a new world reveals itself before you under the light beam of your headlamp. This massif, which is as fascinating outside as it is inside, is to be experienced thanks to one of many professionals of speleology, don't hesitate to contact them!