Val d'Azun cheese

Cow, sheep or mixed, it is made using ancient recipes!

Country Markets | mornings

Monday: Luz-Saint-Sauveur
Tuesday: Argelès-Gazost
Wednesday: Barèges (May to October)
Friday: Cauterets
Saturday: Pierrefitte-Nestalas
Sunday: Arrens-Marsous (July-August)


BAYARDOUS farm in Arrens-Marsous
CAZAUX farm in Arrens-Marsous
ETCHEBARN farm in Arrens-Marsous
LACOSTE farm in Arbéost
LACOSTE-MAOUZAC farm in Arrens-Marsous
MOULUCOU farm in Arbéost

List of producers

Document available at the Val d'Azun tourist office.

Val d'Azun cheese - Pyrenees

Between the Soulor Pass and the Tech Valley, herds graze on mountain pastures all summer long, giving the cheese of Val d'Azun a delicious scent of freedom. This ancestral tradition of transhumance and savoir- faire that has been passed down for centuries and is now protected by a brand which protects the area and cheese quality: Val d'Azun - Pyrenees.

In winter, the animals are fed hay cut in the valley and kept warm in their barns. A natural and healthy diet, and happy animals mean that this cheese can be tasted all year round.

Find this quality cheese on restaurant tables and on sale direct from the producers and at markets.

Ski with a shepherd

Enjoy an original experience in the resort of Val d'Azun: cross-country skiing, you discover the vastness of the landscapes and partake in a gentle Nordic activity, but above all you share a piece of farmhouse cheese on the slopes with Baptiste, ski instructor and shepherd.

Tartouillette recipe

Subtle marriage between the tartiflette receipe and the products of the Val d'Azun, the tartouillette is prepared with the local speciality (dried and salted belly pork), onions, potatoes and most importantly pure cow’s cheese from Val d'Azun.

Some restaurants offer it, but the easiest way is to make it at home with local products from the area!

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