The chapel of Pouey Laün

A place steeped in magic and legend that majestically dominates the village of Arrens-Marsous.



Free tour

Key available at “la Maison du Val d'Azun” (piece of ID needed as a bond).

A wide variety of styles

The chapel of Notre-Dame de Pouey Laün or golden chapel, holds the flag high as one of the most beautiful churches: gilded in gold leaf, with its starry blue vault, it is firmly anchored to the rock, proudly overlooking Arrens-Marsous.

Featuring a variety of styles, carved wooden reliefs and artifacts, this beautiful ancient marial sanctuary houses a Baroque altarpiece which sits a stone floor carved into the very same rock.

A place steeped in history

History does not tell us anything about its origins. Two legends, one making a connection with the chapel of Héas (near Gavarnie) and referring to two doves, the other evoking a statue in a bright light. One can imagine that from its origins as a small building, the chapel has undergone many changes. It has been enlarged on numerous occassions, decorated several times and often destroyed by earthquakes or by mankind.

Religious and hospital site: Arrens' "Hospitalet", adjoins the chapel and welcomed travelers and pilgrims on their way to the famous Spanish sanctuary of Our Lady of Pilar, in Zaragoza, or the tomb of the Holy Apostle -Saint Jacques, at Compostela. The lintel of the Hospitalet door, dates to 1591 and has been preserved in the wall of the village church.

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