The Biathlon

This Olympic sport made popular by the Pyrenean Martin Fourcade, the biathlon is accessible to everyone!

Where ?
Couraduque Pass from Aucun onwards

1.5 hours:  a 45 min introduction to skating and a 20 min introduction to shooting.
 A lower loop of 400 to 500 m.

4 people: 70 € for 2 hours   

Info & reservations:
+33 (0)6 44 11 85 72 -  

Accessible to all

On the Col de Couraduque pass, at Val d'Azun's Nordic area, the French Ski School instructors (ESF) offer biathlon lessons, an activity combining cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. Great fun, this activity helps to improve concentration and stress management whithout losing the pleasure skiing.

The course lasts one and a half hours during which participants learn the basics of skating (freestyle Nordic skiing) and then practice shooting with a laser rifle! Totally harmless and suitable for young and old alike, this activity consists of targeting electronic targets located at a distance of 10 metres. Finally, a race simulation takes place on the cross country loop with, at the firing range, a penalty ring given for each time you miss a target. The goal is to learn cross-country skiing, shooting comes afterwards to teach you to calm yourself after intense physical effort. This is the opportunity, in a few hours, to pretend to be Martin Fourcade!

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