The ice rink

of Gèdre

For a sporty and fun experience, head for the ice rink!


During the winter holidays : from monday to sunday 3pm to 8pm and friday until 9pm.
Out of school holiday : wenesday, saturday and sunday from 3pm to 8pm.

Prices (entrance + skates)

Adult: 7 €  |  Student: 6 €
Child (6-17 years old): 5 €  |  Child (0-5 years old): 2 €

More informations



+33 (0)5 62 92 49 61

An essential family activity

Skiing and ice skating enthusiasts can head to the ice rink! With friends or family, a beginner or expert ... it is open to everyone and allows you to enjoy the joys of ice skating at your own pace and how you want to.

Toddlers can get started easily with penguins that help them to balance and helmets are available for all ages free of charge.

A leisure activity not to be missed and sure to please young and old alike, or as a rainy day activity. An experience sure to put a smile on your face and to give you some beautiful memories to take home!

Prepare well

In order make the most of your ice skating experience, here are a few tips that will help you to get skating easily. The correct position is to have an upright chest, knees bent and legs slightly apart and side by side without touching.

- To move forward, you take small steps by putting your feet in a duck position (point your toes outwards) and be sure to keep the whole foot flat on the ice.

- To stop, keeping your knees bent, push both heels at the same time (point your toes inwards).

- To turn, you need to push your foot forward a little in the desired direction you wish to turn and to lean slightly on the same side.

- To get up, put one knee on the ice and push down with one or two hands on the other knee. By pushing on the leg, you can get up without difficulty. Easy to say, but less easy to master.

To learn more easily, learning aids (penguins) and helmets are available to children free of charge.

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