Pyrénées national park

Enjoy an unforgettable experience in a
fascinating environment sure to pique your senses.


The Pyrenees National Park was the third
French national park to be decreed on 23 March 1967.

In France

France today counts 10 national parks in its area, including 3 overseas.
These nature areas have been classified as national parks because
of their exceptional natural and cultural riches.

The Pyrenees National Park

The Park covers 100 kilometres, over 6 valleys, 2 departments and 2 regions,
stretching from the Gave d’Aspe River to the Neste d'Aure River,
along the border ridge which connects it to Spain.

Discover a unique area

The Pyrenees National Park groups together protected natural sites, magnificent landscapes, a diverse fauna and flora and an authentic cultural heritage. Discovering it is an unforgettable experience during which you will be surrounded by fascinating environments that will stimulate your mind.

This park is one of the richest in France in terms of flora. It protects 1000 species of beetles, 150 plant species and 300 species of butterflies. It is also home to endangered raptors such as the bearded vulture.

Hiking in the summer or snowshoeing when everything is covered with snow, Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne is located in the heart of the National Park, a real gateway to explore!

Specific regulations

The Pyrenees National Park is a protected and regulated territory that is home to a unique fauna and flora. For the safety of wild animal species and herds in the summer, dogs are strictly forbidden in its central part, excluding the path to the Gavarnie Cirque and access to Lake Gaube using only the chair lift.

Created in 1967, the Pyrenees National Park works for the harmonious development of its villages, whilst respecting nature and the mountains as well as human life and pastoral activity. To preserve this exceptional heritage, some simple rules must be respected, such as no fires or bivouacking in any area whatsoever.

Discover the “Esprit Park” brand

Discover the “Esprit Parc” brand, committed to respecting the environment and protecting areas, it carries a message of solidarity. Favouring the local economy, it is a symbol of confidence and belonging.

The "Esprit Parc National" directory is available free of charge in the tourist offices and lists the products and services which uphold the brand's commitments: accommodation and restaurants, outings and tours, local and artisan products and holiday packages.

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