International Starry Sky Reserve

The Pic du Midi with all the villages of the Gavarnie Valleys is
the largest International Starry Sky Reserve (RICE) in continental Europe.

RICE protects and preserves the night sky through public education
and by promoting responsable light pollution.
Thanks to this accreditation, the night sky is protected and recognized as exceptionally pure.

This is the first Sky Reserve certified by
the International Dark-sky Association in Europe,
and there are only two in France!

This unique area comprises 247 participating municipalities
and covers 65% of the Hautes-Pyrénées, or 3,300 km².


The Pic du Midi and all the villages of the Gavarnie valleys is the largest international Starry Sky reserve (RICE) in continental Europe, accredited by the International Dark Sky Association.

These municipalities are committed to reducing light pollution and their ecological footprint for the sustainable development of their mountain ranges. This commitment allows visitors to contemplate the starry sky in its purest form possible. For this purpose, the Gavarnie valleys offer activities, concerts and outdoor night activities all summer long so as to make the most of this exceptional natural scenery.

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  •  pic_du_midi_reserve_ciel_etoile_vallees_de_gavarnie_hautes_pyrenees
  •  pic_du_midi_reserve_ciel_etoile_vallees_de_gavarnie_hautes_pyrenees