Ski and spa

the perfect mix

After coming down the ski slopes, what better to relax than in a thermal spa?

• Where ?

Barèges : Grand Tourmalet & Cieléo
Luz Saint-Sauveur : Luz Ardiden & Luzéa
Argelès-Gazost : Hautacam & Jardin des Bains
Val d’Azun : Espace nordique & Jardin des Bains
Cauterets : Cauterets & Bains du Rocher

• For who ?

For everyone - children over 1 year old.

• When ?

From December to April, daily.

Ticket info :

Ski and spa passes are on sale in resort ticket offices.

Ski and spa

After a day on the ski slopes, what better way to relax than in a thermal spa? With the Ski and Spa pass, you can enjoy a day of skiing and a 2-hour spa pass on the same day. This is an opportunity to have a little "you" time and to enjoy the benefits of thermal water, ideal for muscular relaxation: sauna, steam room, Jacuzzi and bubble baths. A moment of pure bliss!


Adult ski day pass  + 2hr of spa   Others pass
Grand-Tourmalet + Cieléo 49€* (alpine ski)   /
Cauterets + Bains du Rocher 49€ (alpine ski)   1 day of  backcountry skiing + 1 pass for 2hr of spa : 27€
Luz Ardiden + Luzéa

40€ (alpine ski)
22€ (Nordic ski)

Hautacam + Jardins des Bains

34,50€ (alpine ski)

22,00€ (nordic ski)

  5 descents with mountain luge + 2hr of spa : 88€ (2ad + 2 children)
Val d'Azun + Jardin des Bains

25€ (Nordic ski)
22€ (Nordic park)

  Aldult day pass for snowshoeing + 2hr of spa : 20€

* Alpine ski day pass + 1hr of balnéo + 1 thermal treatment.

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