The Pibeste-Aoulhet nature reserve

hiking all year round

The Pibeste massif, the first Pyrenean,
relief that you see when you arrive from the foothills, gives itself to you in all its diversity.

• Where ?

“Maison de la Reserve Naturelle” Info point in Agos-Vidalos, many departure points from the villages around the reserve.

• Pour qui ?


• When ?

All year.

• More information ?

For information on walks, departures and hikes accompanied by a guide form the Reserve, head to the Argelès-Gazost tourist office.

Discover the Pibeste-Aoulhet Nature Reserve

The Pibeste massif is the first Pyrenean relief you see when you arrive from the foothills – it offers itself to you in all its diversity.

With more than 5100 ha, the Regional Nature Reserve of the Pibeste-Aoulhet Massif is the largest in France. And for your enjoyment, many hiking and discovery trails crisscross it. Along the way, you will discover authentic landscapes and a multitude of animal and plant species. Climb up to the Pic d'Alian at a snail's pace and try to catch sight of one of the 350 mouflons (Big horn sheep) who have taken up residence on this territory, or look up and contemplate the birds of prey.

A day out on the slopes of the "Estrèm de Salles" area will immerse you in this land of pastoralism with its sunny meadows where cattle graze. The forest occupies two thirds of the reserve; you will enjoy the cool undergrowth during your summer walks.

 Even in winter when the surrounding peaks are adorned with a blanket of snow these trails are generally passable.


Hiking tip: the ascent of the Pibeste Peak via Ouzous

01> 2km from Argelès-Gazost, between Ayzac-Ost and Vidalos, leave the N21 and head up to the village of Ouzous. Go to the small car park in front of the church.

02> Take a slight downhill path to the north-east, then go north towards the Pibeste towards the yellow trail.

03> After crossing two streams the climb continues with 3 hairpin bends, the path heads north-west, leave it 50m further on, at the next switchback and take a wooded slope that leads north to the Llhens.

04> Leave the forest to head east towards the Coume de Barrastech. You have arrived at the Pibeste lookout.

05> Continue over the pass for a view of the "Pic du Pibeste" peak.

06> A small open area allows you to take a breath of fresh air, go past the Ayzi cabin before heading up to the old Pibeste cable car station.

07> From the terrace, admire the Argelès-Gazost Valley before taking some concrete steps to reach the summit of the “Pic du Pibeste” peak.

• 4 hrs 45 return trip – 1,349 m - 900 height gain - walker level.

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