Gastronomy and local products

Rough and generous at the same time, the Gavarnie Valleys cultivate a certain way of life where local products have their rightful place. Among some local specialities...

PDO Barèges-Gavarnie lamb
PDO Bigorre Black Pork
the garbure
Pyrenean trout

The "gâteau à la broche"
The Pyrenean cake
the Val d'Azun cheese
The Pays Toy brewery
The honey houses

The restaurants


Thousand flavours

On your plate, you will find local products used by our restaurateurs in gourmet recipes: Barèges-Gavarnie sheep, Garbure (stew), Val d'Azun cheese, blueberry cake, Cauterets berlingots (boiled sweets), etc. So many delicious dishes to found in the shops, direct from suppliers and at local markets. Bring home a little piece of the Gavarnie valleys with you.

PDO Barèges-Gavarnie lamb

In chops, leg... All the flavours of the mountain in your mouth. Guaranteeing a strong identity and ancestral know-how... Ensuring a flawless origin of meat... Contributing to the maintenance of the space and architectural heritage... Allowing the maintenance of a social fabric in a fragile environment and human-sized farming... this is the true identity of the Barèges-Gavarnie ! 

PDO Bigorre Black Pork

One of the oldest races in France. Research has found a cousin to the Iberian Pata Negra. It must be said that the border is not far away. Nourished outdoors with acorns and chestnuts, this pig with a black coat offers marbled meat. The quality of its fat makes it possible to make typical sausages. The ham is dried for 18 months. A delight!

In his workshop-boutique in Beaucens, Pierre Sajous works with black pork from Bigorre AOC in all its forms: cured meats, preserves, fresh meat and cooked dishes.


This stew is made from cabbage, small vegetable chunks and local ham and is the perfect Pyrenean dish, which can be enjoyed in many restaurants.
Unusual ! At the beginning of june, don't miss the  Confraternity of "La Garbure" in Argelès-Gazost, the traditional celebration around the typical Bigourdan dish: mass hosted by the "Chanteurs Ariélès", parade of the "confréries du sud-ouest", market and garbure meal.

The pyrenean trout

Savage, the trout wriggle in the Gaves waters that run along the pyrenees slopes. An tender and delicate flesh, with fine and pronounced taste and qualities nutritional and dietary benefits. An exceptional product ! 
The aquaculture farm "La Truite des Pyrénées" produce an exceptional trout that can be discover on restaurants or on direct sales.

The "gâteau à la broche"

This conical and prickly local cake owes it's form to the way it is made. There is large degree of patience and know-how needed to make it traditionally. The batter is dripped onto a skewer which is turned on a spit over fire. With each turn more batter is added and drips lava like spikes are created. A feast for the eyes and taste buds !

On the Argelès-Gazost market, every tuesday on the morning, you can assist at the artisanal production of the "gateau à la broche Laqueyrie". An gourmet product that can be find on many local product stores, to take back in your suitcases!


The pyrenean cake

Traditionally plain or with blueberries, this typical Haute-Pyrénées sponge cake is golden outside and soft on the inside. often eaten for breakfast, as dessert or with coffee/tea. 

To be enjoyed and purchased at "Les Gourmandises des Pyrénées" and at "l'Atelier du Confiturier"!

Val d'Azun cheese

Val d'Azun is renowned for its pastoral traditions, where cow, sheep and goat cheese have always been produced, unlike the Luz Valley, which is known for its Barèges-Gavarnie DOP certified lamb. The cheese producers of the valley have come together to modernize their production and marketing tools. For this purpose, they created the brand "Val d'Azun - Pyrenees" which promotes an area rich in pastoral traditions and guarantees a quality product. It can be enjoyed at local markets and in many restaurants.

The Pays Toy brewery

Paul Dixon created the first “Pay du Toy” (Toy country) craft beer in Luz Saint-Sauveur. To vary the pleasures, special brews are developed over the seasons. Also enjoy the IPA beer certified Bio. Silver medal at the general agricultural competition in Paris!

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Honey houses

The Gavarnie Valleys are also an ideal refuge for bees who work tirelessly all year to make good honey from the region's flowers. As greedy as interesting, the visits of honey will delight young and old!

Thanks to the Miellerie des Escales and the Rucher Arrensois, go meet these beekeepers who will share with passion their knowledge and know-how in a friendly atmosphere. Take advantage of this tour to fill up with gourmet memories of honey to take away! 

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