Have you done your first 3K?

In the Pyrenees, nearly 212 peaks are higher then 3000 meters in altitude.

Where ?

Gavarnie Valleys

For who ?

12 years old and above, good physical condition

When ?

During the summer season, depending on the snow conditions

Up high!

In the Pyrenees, nearly 212 peaks are higher than 3000 meters. Your stay in the heart of the Gavarnie Valleys is an opportunity to "do your first 3000" and enjoy an extraordinary experience that will allow you to touch the sky!

The excitement of crossing a summit is not a privilege reserved for a lucky few; with some precautionary mesures, you can achieve this feat, one your ownif you are more experienced or accompanied by a mountain professional if you are not.

The Taillon

3,144 m | 936m height gain | 8h round trip

This hike begins quite high up, at the Col des Tentes at 2208 metres. The climb to the legendary Brêche de Roland is the first step, we then continue onto the Spanish side to climb the last section to the summit. And it is here that we become speechless when we see before us: the Gavarnie Cirque to the North and the Ordesa canyon to the south!


3,133 m | 1033m height gain | 8h round trip

In a different but no less grandiose setting, Munia is the heighest point of the Cirque de Troumouse. From the car park (2100 m), you can easily cross this huge glacial cirque before starting the climb. Once on the border ridges, we cross two sections of easy climbing then it is the final straight: finally, we are above the Cirque de Troumouse and the Héas valley and we admire the Spanish side and a view to Lake Ainsa.

The Petit Vignemale

3,032m | 1200 height gain | 9h round trip

Starting from the Ossoue dam (1834 m), we follow the tracks that will lead us to the highest point in the French Pyrenees: the Vignemale. On a one day or two day trip with an overnight at Baysselance refuge, a superb panorama awaits you at the top of the Petit Vignemale!

There are many other 3000 peaks in the Gavarnie Valleys: Mount Perdu (3355 m), Marboré (3248 m), Long Peak (3192 m), Pic de Néouvielle (3091 m), Balaïtous (3144 m), etc.

Guides are available to supervise you during your hikes and to allow you to enjoy the mountain safely. Your first encounter with the high mountains will be in the Gavarnie Valleys!

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