Lienz plateau

A place steeped in magic!

No need for hype here, we experience the authentic, the natural and the real!


Barèges | Lienz Plateau
2 km above the village, turn right towards Auberge Chez Louisette.

Enjoy the Lienz plateau all year long, on foot, horseback, mountain bike or snowshoeing!

Le Plateau du Lienz

Up high at an altitude of 1,500 metres, the Lienz Plateau (Plateau du Lienz) is a place full of magic that allows you to hike to the Plateau de Lumière (Plateau of Light), or to more adventurous spots in the Néouvielle Nature Reserve. It is also a pastoral zone where herds graze freely.

The highlight of the summer is that you can escape on horseback in these mountain pastures and enjoy breath-taking landscapes without getting tired. The equestrian farm at Lienz helps you to make the most of your stay.

Nordic charm

In winter, when snow is falling, the atmosphere is quite different and the Lienz plateau oozes Nordic charm - discover it dog sledding, snowshoeing or skiing.

This is a place where it is good to take your time, stroll, contemplate or dream ... It is also a well-known place for gourmets who come to "Chez Louisette" to enjoy, among other things, a tasty “Garbure”!