Welcome to Gavarnie, cradle of Pyreneism!

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Heritage Walk​

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Ascend, feel and write

Welcome to Gavarnie, the cradle of Pyreneism! The notion of Pyreneism was born in 1898, in the book by Beraldi, “Cent ans aux Pyrénées “(Hundred Years in the Pyrenees). For him, it is a movement that is translated through three verbs: climb, feel and write.​

In other words, it is about climbing the peaks, to perceive all their beauty and to write about it in books. The typical pyrenist would therefore be multifaceted:  a scientist, an artist and a sportsman/explorer eager to share his discoveries.

It is for these multiple skills that people such as Russell, Nansouty, Shrader or Ramond de Carbonnières have remained in people's memories...

Victor Hugo's "God"

Gavarnie Cirque’s fame came about in the 16th century, with many botanists, scientists, painters, romantics and of course mountaineers exploring the area in search of conquests and prestigious climbs.​

For the first time, the Pyrenees were painted, described and talked about. Victor Hugo's poem called “God”contributed greatly to his reputation and was written after his visit to Gavarnie: "It is a mountain and a wall all at once; it is the most mysterious building by the most mysterious of architects; it is the Nature’s Colosseum; it is Gavarnie.”

Free Heritage app

The Patrimoine en Balade (Heritage walk) application takes you on the trail of these famous Pyrénéists, guided by the words of local inhabitants.​

Just download the app and follow the directions on your smartphone. Local people are your guides during the walk and tell of their memories and their anecdotes with spontaneity and simplicity all to the rhythm of their singsong accent.

Free, easy to use and full of theatrical and musical interventions, the “Patrimoine en Balade” app is a new way to discover the history of Gavarnie and understand its soul, its legends and its secrets...

More info​

  • Distance: 3.5 km
  • Level: easy (50m vertical drop)
  • Duration: 1.5 hours
  • Number of stops of points: 12
  • Departure point: Gavarnie tourist office +33 (0) 5 62 92 49 10

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  •  gavarnie_gedre_village_valleys_of_gavarnie_hautes_pyrenees
  •  gavarnie_gedre_village_valleys_of_gavarnie_hautes_pyrenees