The town

of Cauterets

History lights up the streets of Cauterets...

Altitude of the village
900 m

Grand Site Occitanie (Major site of Occitanie)
Cauterets - Pont d'Espagne

Getting here:
25 minutes from Argelès-Gazost

A rich historical heritage

Located 950 meters above sea level, Cauterets is the perfect combination of a small mountain town and a village with a city feel. We have selected the must see attractions for when visiting the town!

History illuminates the streets of Cauterets.  A legacy Inherited from the buzz left behind by the village during the finest years of the thermal spa boom, the town's architecture is testimony to its prestigious past. From the Caesar Thermal Baths to the impressive wooden train station, discover a fascinating heritage. Many historical personalities such as Victor Hugo, George Sand, Chateaubriand as well as starlet Sarah Bernardt, Emperor Napoleon III and many others have marked Cauterets' history.


With its typical 19th century architecture, its grand hotels and its monumental façades, Cauterets has preserved and enhanced the richness of its heritage, which can still be admired while strolling through the streets of the town.

Now that crowned heads of state and theatre divas no longer stroll through the palaces of this Pyrenean resort, the beautiful areas shrouded in a Belle Epoque elegance are no longer reserved for the rich and famous alone.


Cauterets' sulphuric, sodium rich waters, rich in silica and trace elements come from natural springs.

They gush out at temperatures between 55 and 60 ° C. It is these waters that have allowed Cauterets to become an important thermal location. The golden age of thermal baths in Cauterets was in the 19th century. Victor Hugo, George Sand and even Chateaubriand came to relax in this Pyrenean village. Since then, the thermal baths of Cauterets have become famous for its rheumatology and ENT/respiratory tract treatments.

Two large establishments that use these hot water springs: Caesar and Griffons thermal baths.

The Esplanade des oeufs

A visit to this main square, rich in history, is a must. Here you will find the cinema, a kiosk and a galleried shopping area.
There was a casino, a car park and an ice rink here and concerts were held here many years ago. Its restoration in 2014 restored these areas to their former glory. Now you can discover it on foot, and it is still a privileged place where concerts and various performances are held throughout the year.

The station

The station of Cauterets is remarkable!

This amazing wooden station, was built in 1904 in just two months and was in operation until 1949. The origins of this building is surprising: this building is actually the Norwegian stand from the World Fair in 1889. It was moved and then relocated to Cauterets! It became a theatre and then a bus station, also departure point for shuttles to the Pont d'Espagne.

The building has been listed since 1981 as an Historic Monument.

The 1900 museum

The 1900 museum is at the heart of the glitzy Louis XV Grand Hotel d'Angleterre with its garish décor, what could be more natural?

In the dining room of the Hotel d'Angleterre, built in 1875 and used for welcoming British luminaries, underneath its chandeliers and stuccoes, frilly long dresses still have their place.

And for good reason! The models dressed in the style of the 1900’s relive the splendor of this era. The visit reminds you bit by bit that you are in the mountains: mountaineering and skiing exhibitions, but also objects purporting to popular traditions and tools. A beautiful trip back in time, on two levels spread over 550 m².

Festivities and entertainment

Cauterets offers throughout the year an array of events and festivities for all audiences: city tours with Pyrenean cultural guides, fireworks, races at the Vignemale Athletic Club, concerts, street performances, childrens’ workshops, musical walks ... You are never bored in Cauterets!

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