Sheep PDO Barèges-Gavarnie

A quality meat that has an PDO… and that can only be found here!

Where ?

Barèges Valleys, Gavarnie and Luz


Appellation d'Origine Contrôlée (AOC) since 2003
Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since 2008
Slow Food, an international movement that raises awareness of eco-gastronomy and alternative consumption

Local know-how

In chops, leg... All the flavours of the mountain in your mouth. Guaranteeing a strong identity and ancestral know-how... Ensuring a flawless origin of meat... Contributing to the maintenance of the space and architectural heritage... Allowing the maintenance of a social fabric in a fragile environment and human-sized farming... this is the true identity of the Barèges-Gavarnie ! 

A meat with a unique taste

Between Pic du Midi and Cirque de Gavarnie, we breed the Barèges-Gavarnie sheep, a rustic variety that resists the cold of the Pyrenean altitudes. And it has enough to lift all the preconceptions about sheep meat by reconciling us with its flavours, marbled and flavoured!  

It is assessed for a Controlled Designation of Origin (AOC) since 2003, and a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) since 2008. It is the only type of sheep so distinguished in Europe!

A reasonned breeding

It is a rare and quality product, made in the respect of the traditions of yesteryear, at the antipodes of industrial production.  Its exceptional taste is due to the passage in the mountain pastures from May to November and to the absence of fattening. In summer, the herds graze in the high mountain pastures and feed on the best herbs, resulting in aromas of serpolet and licorice. In spring and autumn, they descend in the middle mountains and in winter, they stay in the sheepfolds where they are fed with hay harvested during the summer. It is the complicity of time that gives this meat its full flavour.

Tasting moment...

Its finely marbled flesh combines the finesse of the flavours with persistence on the palate. The meat is tender, juicy, bright red in colour, its fat is aromatic and velvety. But the best thing is still to taste it, it is the emblematic product served in many restaurants in the Valleys of Gavarnie! 

For its part, Slow Food has recognized Barèges-Gavarnie sheep as a sentinel product. This is a fine achievement given by this international movement that raises awareness of eco-gastronomy and alternative consumption.