Spend a night, totally immersed in the heart of unspoiled nature
a truly unforgettable experience!

Pratical informations

Consult the guarded refuges

We tested it for you!

The Espuguettes refuge is a 2-hour walk from Gavarnie,
for 600 m of altitud gain.
+33 (0)5 62 92 49 10

An unusual night

After a few hours of walking, you arrived at the refuge! Spending the night here is an opportunity to meet passionate walkers, hikers and the refuge custodians. Conviviality and interaction are the main attraction. When the last light of day has fallen, a breath-taking spectacle awaits you: thousands of sparkling stars like you've never seen them before! You are in an International Dark Sky Reserve, which guarantees a sky of incomparable purity, far from any light pollution, making it possible to view the Milky Way – only a few places in the world can boast this feat. In the early morning, you set off on more beautiful adventures, with stars in your eyes...

We tested for you... the Refuge des Espuguettes

In Gavarnie, the Espuguettes refuge is only a 2 hour walk from the village. Here, at an altitude of 2000 metres, everyone participates in the life of the refuge. From June to September, the guards greet visitors, provide meals, clean and advise on routes and snow conditions.

Dinner is served early, the dishes are placed on the tables and the athmosphere is really friendly. It's the opportunity to share with other persons and ask some tips above hiking. 

Here, we observe common sense rules : we take our wastes with us, we save water and electricity, we respect our sleeping neighbours because we sleep in dormitories and the first ones get up early (very) early, to attack the high peaks! A word of advice: think of earplugs to sleep in peace...


The Cirque de Gavarnie... under the stars

When night falls and everything is calm, it's the perfect moment to lift your eyes to the sky.

And up there, a breath-taking show awaits you! Imagine thousands of glittering stars like you've never seen them before!
You are in a Dark Sky International Reserve, a rare and unique site in Europe. This certification means that you can observe the sky at its purest, far from any light pollution and with a very stable atmosphere – there are only a few places on earth like this.

Like night watchmen, the mythical peaks of the Gavarnie Cirque: Breche de Roland, Marboré, Astazous surround you and your view is that of the mythical Vignemale, 3,298m high! On clear nights and during a full moon, they take on an even more spectacular dimension, only to be seen at night. Take a blanket and lie down on the grass, your eyes will be transfixed to this immense dazzling dome. Take pleasure in finding the Big Dipper or Mars with its beautiful orange radiance...

At the morning

Early in the morning, you sit down for a hearty breakfast with the Gavarnie Cirque as your backdrop, what a way to start the day! After having taken in one last time this majestic spectacle, it is time to head off on other hikes or the return towards Gavarnie, with stars in your eyes... 

Sleeping in a refuge is simply an unusual night!

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