Gaube Lake

Large lake at the foot of the Vignemale massif.

Inspirational site for artists of romanticism, dominated by the eternal snow from the Vignemale!

Altitude : 1 725 m
Walking access : 3 hrs round trip via the GR10 (Altitude gain : 300 m)
Access with chairlift : 12 min of climb + 15 min walk to the lake (No altitude gain)
Difficulty : medium
Dogs allowed only by chairlift, then walk to the lake. Part of the Pyrenees national Park.

Departure point
the car park at Puntas - Pont d'Espagne, Cauterets


Full itinerary 


Takes 15min from Cauterets to reach the Puntas car park

The legendary Lac Gaube is accessible in a few minutes via the chairlift or the GR10, - here you can contemplate the Vignemale, the highest massif in the French Pyrenees rising up to a height of 3,298 m. The walk up from Pont d'Espagne is magnificent: winding paths under the pines, through granite landscapes and over streams which beckon you to rest by their cool banks.