Estaing Lake

Relaxing setting, at the foot of some majestic peaks!

Beautiful and natural mirror of water surrounded by majestic peaks...

Altitude : 1 161 m
Lake tour : 1 h 
Altitude gain 
Difficulty : very easy
Dogs allowed on lead


Lake Estaing Visitors’ Centre


Full itinerary 

Val d'Azun

From the village of Arrens-Marsous, takes 20 minute via the Col des Bordères.

Accessible by car, Lake Estaing is a natural lake at a height of 1,161 meters that suddenly appears at the bend in a rocky outcrop at the foot of some majestic peaks.
A relaxing setting, starting point for hikes to the “Plaa de Prat” lake, fishing site, horse riding in the summer, family picnics and discovery games near small streams.