One region, plenty of thrills ... On land, in the water or in the air, feel the buzz of the Gavarnie Valleys!

Rafting, canyoning and spéléology

Rafting | Let’s go rafting, in stable dinghies manned by a team paddling furiously. This inflatable raft, with an on-board guide makes white-water accessible to everyone. The crew, is made up of 8 members who follow the guide's instructions to manoeuvre the boat. The safety instructions given before departure make it possible to tackle any situation, involuntary or intentional.... Because the raft is a very good team player and, with the health and safety covered by the guide, all that is left is fun and games!

 Canyoning | The Gavarnie Valleys are full of magnificent canyons through which you can explore the mountains differently, in a fun and sporty way! Make your way through water ways, gaze up at waterfalls, squeeze between rocks, slide down natural water slides, make your first rappel, float in the crystal clear waters ... Playful and accessible to everyone!  

Spéléology | Does a trip to the centre of the earth sound good to you? Discover this underground world in complete safety, accompanied by an accredited and passionate instructor: magical curiosities of nature, vast rooms, galleries, stalactites, underground rivers. Speleology is an adventure accessible to everyone (children from 6+ years) and all year long (stable temperature of 13 degrees), even great on a rainy day because the caves are not subject to the rise in water levels. Walk, climb, crawl, contemplate ... And go back up to the open air with a head full of memories!

Paragliding and Bungee jumping

Paragliding | Just a few steps, jump into the air and you’re off! Now just relax and enjoy the beauty of the Pyrenean Mountains - that’s paragliding for you! Tandem flight, Beginner or on a course, there’s something for everyone.

Bungee jumping | And why not take a flying leap from “Napoleon’s Bridge”? Throw yourself into the void safely and feel the adrenaline rush ... A thrilling activity in a unique setting!

Climb and Via Ferrata

Climbing | Natural climbing locations are not lacking here! Whether you are a beginner or experienced climber, adult or child, the Pyrenees are an ideal location for climbing, alone or with a professional.

On rainy days or if you just want to learn slowly, head to Gèdre climbing centre with its 18 metre high climbing wall for all levels!

Via ferrata | A mix of hiking and climbing, the principle is simple: move along using carabiners, along a cable called a "lifeline", on a route equipped with iron bars and punctuated with monkey bridges and zip cords. All in a stunning landscape!
Two locations are open to you: the Pont Napoléon (Napoleon’s Bridge) via ferrata, fun and ideal for beginners. And the Via ferrata at Coumély looking out onto the majestic Cirque de Gavarnie, quite sporty. with a Nepali bridge at a height of 40m!

Treetop trails and zip lines

Chlorofil park, there’s thrills guaranteed in a safe environment: zip lines, monkey bridges, Nepalese bridges ... there is something for everyone with 13 courses that vary in height and difficulty, including 4 courses for children over 4 years old.
New 2019 : le Bois des Pirates “Pirates Wood” dedicated to children over 2 years: giant slides, zip lines, suspended cabins and a pirate ship!

Luz Tirolyne  is the longest zip line adventure course in France! 16 zip lines (40m to 260m long), 4 Nepalese bridges and via ferrata sections make up this 2km long adrenaline fuelled course, high above the turquoise waters of the Gave River.

At the Col du Soulor, the Déval Cable is a 300m long zip line amidst magnificent mountain scenery, at an altitude of 1500m! Safely strapped into a harness, young and old fly over the summer pastures where the herds graze below.

A bit different

The Mountain Luge is a sledge that operates on rails. The brake lever allows you to easily control your speed, which can go from 10 to 45 km an hour all while enjoying a superb panorama of the mountains! Thrills and laughter guaranteed!

Discover the mountain scooter, fun and for everyone, it is very easy to handle and learning is fast thanks to two wide wheels that offer real stability. Speeding downhill or with electric assistance uphill, several possibilities are available to you!

Do you know the gyropode all tracks ? Ludique, intuitif et écologique, voici une nouvelle façon de se déplacer en montagne. Nul besoin d'être un équilibriste, le gyropode est très intuitif ! Nouveauté : la gyroroue. Sorties de jour comme de nuit.

Fun, intuitive and ecological, this is a new way to get around in the mountains, supervised by a professional. You do not have to be a balancing act, the Segway is very intuitive! New for 2019: the electric unicycle. Night time outings too.

Want to discover squash? This is the moment to try out this rackets game - intense and playful all at the same time! Players take turns in hitting the ball at the wall in front of them.

The indoor rink of Gèdre offer you the joys of skating on natural ice, in summer and winter! Toddlers can get started easily with “penguin” aids that help them to balance.

La patinoire couverte de Gèdre permet de profiter des joies du patin sur une glace naturelle, été comme hiver ! Les tout-petits peuvent s’initier facilement grâce aux pingouins qui leur permettent de garder l’équilibre. 

Outdoor pools are a good way to relax and have fun during the day or after a walk!

Les piscines en plein-air sont un bon moyen de se prélasser et de s’amuser en journée ou après une balade ! We enjoy it at Lau Folie's, Arrens-Marsous, Barèges and Gèdre.