Water, a rich heritage

Here, water is everywhere : torrents, rivers, lakes, thermal water, snow, ... Omnipresente, it has always been used and magnify.

Well-being and hydrotherapy

Water, a rich heritage

L'hydroelectricity, a green energy

Fishing, ricochets, and relaxing...

Hydrotherapy and well-being

The virtues of thermal waters have long been recognized. Naturally occurring deep underground, they are naturally healing for both body and mind. Make the most of your stay and relax and unwind in the warm waters!

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Water, a witness to life in the past

Used for centuries by large families, the water mills bear witness to intense agricultural and cereal activity. Refurnished and restored, some are regularly open to the public: the Gèdre-Dessus, Sazos or Arcizans-Dessus mills

Wash houses and fountains were the hub and meeting place of every village for centuries, and are still visible today in every village. The “Heritage walk” application "From one washhouse to another" tells of the life around washhouses in years gone by.  
Consult the Heritage walk brochure and all the walks.

L'hydroelectricity, a green energy

Discover the industrial heritage of the Gavarnie Valleys through the most powerful power station of the Pyrenees, in Pragnères near Gavarnie.

A gigantic dammed reservoir measuring 2,160 meters connected by 10 kilometres of tunnels, to a plant in the nearby valley, can provide clean electricity to a large part of southern France.

Guided tours are available all year round.

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Fishing, ricochets, relaxing...

Water, is everywhere in the Pyrenees, and allows you to enjoy beautiful fishing days! River or lakes, everyone has their preferred spot.

Water is also synonymous with relaxation ... On the shores of a mountain lake or near a river, it reflects the landscape, jumps or flows peacefully. Great for skimming stones or for simply dipping your feet ... and so much more for adventurous types!

Check out our selection of easily accessible lakes during the summer.​