Culture and traditions

A living cultural heritage

The Art craft

An ever present pastoral tradition

Mountain language and songs

A living cultural heritage

The “Maisons du Parc national des Pyrénées” Info centres allow you to learn about this protected area, and offer all year round conferences, exhibitions activities. Find them in Arrens-Marsous,), Gavarnie-Gèdre, Luz-Saint-Sauveur and Cauterets.

Millaris, an interpretation and discovery centre in Gèdre, offers a very interesting museum collection about the “Land of Cirques” with various themes: geographical, geological, cultural and pastoral. It is an interactive tour as surprising as it is enriching.

It feels good to stroll through the streets of Arras-en-Lavedan, village of Artitude with its contemporary art works. Try the “Heritage Walk” app, and you will be charmed by this amazing village, all whilst enjoying the panorama over the Argelès-Gazost valley.

The art craft industry

La Carde” has been making woollen products, with an unparalleled craftmanship, using local sheep’s wool. 100% traditional, 100% local! 

"L'Abbadiale", house of Arts and Heritage, is a old presbytery that has become a cultural where we can found a media library, two exhibition rooms and regular training courses.

"Pyrénées Tendances" manufacturer of wooden decorative items.

An ever present pastoral tradition

In the immediate vicinity of the villages, you can see pastoral districts and the small heritage constructions: the dry stone walls that line the paths and border plots, the stone and slate barns, and the “leytés” ancient fridges where milk and cheese were once chilled.
Pastoralism is still a reality in the Gavarnie Valleys. Mountain farming has evolved and modernised, but pastoral heritage and the tradition of “heading up to the summer pastures” have contributed to the quality of this environment and the beauty of its mountain landscapes.

Find large displays of pastoralism on the agenda !

Mountain language and songs, a real living tradition

A living language, Occitan is used in the names of places, rivers and seasons, it produces surnames and nicknames. This language, still called “patois”, is present in lifestyles and popular culture through proverbs and adjectives in regional French. When leaving, do not forget to say Adishatz! 


Heritage walk

With the Patrimoine en Balade (Heritage walk) application, you do not need to read a map to go for a walk! Just follow the directions on your smartphone and let yourself be carried by the words of the inhabitants, who tell their anecdotes with simplicity to the rhythm of their singing accent.
Free, easy to use and full of theatrical and musical interludes, this application is an original way to discover a place :

  • Arras-en-Lavedan : Arras, Village of Artitude
  • La voie verte des Gaves : In the footsteps of the miners and 20th century industrial evocation
  • Cauterets : The stars of the Pont d'Espagne
  • Cauterets-Pont d'Espagne : The stars of the Pont d'Espagne
  • Gavarnie-Gèdre : Pyreneanism
  • Hautacam : Hautacam under the stars
  • Luz-Saint-Sauveur : From one washhouse to another
  • Pierrefitte-Nestalas : In the footsteps of the miners
  • Pierrefitte-Nestalas: Industrial evocation in the 20th century
  • Pierrefitte-Nestalas: 20th century industrial evocation 

Consult the Heritage Walk Brochure with all the walks.