The Pouey Laün chapel

A place steeped in magic and legends, which majestically dominates the village of Arrens-Marsous.



Free visit

Key available at the "Maison du Val d'Azun" by showing a proof of identity.

A wide variety of styles

The Notre-Dame de Pouey Laün chapel, or Golden chapel, is one of the most beautiful : made out of gold leaf, with a starry blue valt, it is solidly mounted on the rock, proudly dominates Arrens-Marsous. 
Exhibiting a large variety of styles, carved stone reliefs and objects: this somptuous ancient marial sanctuary shelts a baroque altarpiece on the floor,  carved in the rock.

A place full of historical gems

History does not reveal its originis. Two legends : one about the Héas chapel (near Gavarnie) and two doves, the other one about a statue in a incredible light. We can imagine that the first and tiny building has gone through a number of adaptations : extensions, embellishments, ornaments, destructions (because of earthquakes or humans), reconstructions…

Religious and hospitable place : the Arrens « hospitalet », near to the chapel, welcomed travellers and pilgrims that they are going to the spanish sanctuary of Notre-Dame del Pilar, at Saragosse, or to the tomb of the Apôtre Saint-Jacques at Compostelle. The lintel on the door of the Hospitalet, dated 1591, was stored in the wall of the village church.

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