Pyrenean culture can be felt in the landscapes, the traditions
and the men and women who keep it alive !

In the Gavarnie Valleys, the welcome is as warm as a the Garbure stew that has simmered for hours, because the tradition here is simple: there may be folksongs, they may sing about the mountains or stone and slate barns, festive cuisine, but all the same, people will tell you this, in patois or in French: all these blessings are worthless unless they are shared.

Architectural Heritage

From perched villages to typicals churches, take time to stroll and immerse yourself in the local culture through its architecture.

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Cultural traditions

An living cultural heritage, an present pastoral traditions, passionate craftsmen, mountain songs that resonate everywhere... discover what constitutes the soul of these beautiful Gavarnie Valleys.

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Water, a rich heritage

Here, the water is everywhere. Naturally warm waters, she is used from any long time to care for the body and mind. In the village, the wash houses and mills was a truelly places to live. The mills power has been used since the post-war period to produce electricity, making the Pyrenees an ideal massif for water production.

Finally, it's the paradise for fishermens and ricochets lovers, along a lake or a "gave".

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Culturals events

From importants events likes the Gavarnie theatre Festival or "Jazz in Luz" to villages fairs and festivals, we have create festivities to celebrate the heritage and culture !

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A journey through space and time

Plug in your headphones, start the “Heritage app” and set off! Stroll through the Gavarnie Valleys and discover architectural riches and their stories through the fascinating tales told to you by the locals.  All kinds of anecdotes, memories and narratives will punctuate your visit and turn your walk into a unique moment totally immersed in the local life of these villages and bring you closer to those who were the lifeblood of them.

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