Ville fleurie (Town in Bloom)

The town of Argelès-Gazost has been give 3 flowers as a Town in Bloom since 2003, the village of Grust has been given 2 flowers, the villages of Sere-en-Lavedan and Viscos each 1 flower. With more than 50 years of history, the Town in Bloom label for towns and villages mobilizes nearly a third of French municipalities, more than 4000 of them have received awards. Evolving with the expectations of citizens, the label is now committed to issues such as the quality of hospitality, respect for the environment and the preservation of the social bond.


A flowery city or a flowery village, it is a town which gives an importance to plants in the development of its public spaces and which values ​​a landscape which is its own on the basis of a heritage and a specific identity to the town and offers an array of parks and gardens to discover. The cities and villages in bloom implement actions in favour of the quality of the living environment and of public spaces: face lifts on buildings, beautifying public areas, getting rid of networks, integration of street seating areas, cleanliness, quality of roads and free moving traffic, regulations on advertising and signs...


These municipalities implement a policy to protect the environment through a reasonable management of its green spaces. The actions undertaken concern the quality of the soil, a rational consumption of the water resource, the reduction of pesticides, the recycling of green waste or a reasonable consumption of energy and hydrocarbons. They also undertake to preserve biodiversity in all its forms on its territory through actions of knowledge and an inventory of existing species, improvement of environments and protection of open spaces or the heightening of public awareness.


The towns and villages in bloom are committed to promoting social integration through gardening, which creates spaces conducive to meeting others and exchanges made whilst gardening. Allotments or shared gardens thus promote intergenerational and intercultural sociability. The label rewards the actions coordinated by the local authorities to create an environment favorable to the quality of life of its local inhabitants and holidaymakers.