Qualité Tourisme

The Qualité Tourisme ™ Mark, registered by the Ministry of Tourism, is a guarantee for tourists and a guarantee of confidence.

In February 2012, the Argelès-Gazost Valley Tourist Office received the national Tourism Quality mark, in accordance with the French Tourist Office reference system.

 In 2015, 96% * of our visitors were satisfied with the quality of the services provided by the the Argelès-Gazost Valley Tourist Office

* Survey carried out by the Tourist Office between January 1st and December 31st, 2015


The quality policy of the Tourist Office is to continuously improve the reception, information and satisfaction of visitors, service providers and elected officials as well as the management of the structure.

The obtaining of the Brand has been the culmination of a quality approach conducted since 2008 to best meet the requirements of visitors, service providers and elected officials while respecting the national commitments of this brand that is issued by Tourist Offices of France® for a period of three years.


Built on a strong partnership between socioprofessionals and local communities, the tourist office has created a real dynamic between these different interlocutors.

 It meets the wishes of establishing a real relationship with socioprofessionals in the service of their expectations in a spirit of partnership and to develop a strategy likely to have an influence in the area.

Four main principles have been defined:

> affiliate all the actors:

• Create a dynamic with professionals based on a participative strategy (network animation)

• Pooling efforts and means for greater efficiency in carrying out actions

> Make choices:

• Determine the most effective levers for developing tourism

• Directing choices in the development of supply and targeting of markets and products

> Set up a strategy of movement and anticipation:

• Identify new consumer expectations

• Build on creativity when it comes to holiday offers

• Focus on sustainable development

• Develop the use of new technologies (internet stay, information terminal, wifi ...)

> Ensure the elevation of professionalism:

• Continue the quest for quality

• Raise awareness about accessibility for all

• Raise the quality of the offering